Does this program teach me how to drive?
There are some excellent drag racing schools where you can learn how to drive. This program assumes you have driving skills and some racing experience. The focus of The Racer's Mind is on building tough, reliable mental skills so that you can make the most of your existing driving skills and racing strategy.

How do mental game skills differ from "mind games?"
The Racer's Mind includes a discussion on "mind games and gamesmanship," which describe a racers ability to affect and intimidate his opponent. However, the program focuses primarily on you, not your opponent.

Am I giving someone control over my mind?
Yes. You are giving yourself control over your mind. I want you to think like a winner, act like a winner, and perform like a winner.

Is this hypnotism?
No. There are audio exercises that help you relax and focus, but this is not hypnotism.

What other sports use mental strategies?
Every competitive sport incorporates some kind of mental game. Golf and tennis have long been considered sports that require a high degree of mental toughness. Drag racing is even more demanding because there are so many potential distractions.

What will I be asked to do?
The exercises explain why a skill is important, teach the skill, and suggest ways to bring the skill to the track. The workbook exercises include simple fill-in-the-blank questions, easy to understand graphs and charts, and real-life drag racing examples. The audio exercises guide you through skills of relaxing and visualizing. All the exercises were designed to be complete and effective, yet easy to use.

How much time do the exercises take?
Each exercise is a bit different. In general they take from 15 to 30 minutes each. For best results, racers should practice the skills they learn before moving on to the next exercise.

How long does the whole program take?
This program is complete. Each racer works on the skills at his or her own pace. If you work on the program regularly and take time between exercises to practice skills, you should expect to spend several weeks to a month bringing all the stages into play.

How will I use the program?
In this program, you learn and develop new mental skills. It's like learning driving skills: Once you learn the basics, practice improves performance. You will want to return to the workbook often to remind yourself of what you've learned.

Is Bruce available for one-on-one coaching?
Yes, on a limited basis. Coaching can include phone consultation, one-on-one discussion in my office, and visits to the track. Because this field is so specialized, I cannot hire people to do 'customer service' for me. For that reason, there are a limited number of individual coaching slots available. These slots are open first to those who purchase the Personalized Editions.

If I decide that I want coaching, can I upgrade?
Yes. Assuming there are slots available, you can upgrade your Complete Edition to include individual coaching.

What results can I expect?
The quality of your results will depend on the work you put into the program. You can expect to uncover the mystery of your zone... the state of mind and body where you perform your best. You can then expect to gain skills of reaching and staying in that zone for peak performance. Will it result in success? I would not have developed this program if I did not believe it would. I expect your success to include an improved win/loss record, more confidence, increased satisfaction from racing, and a better understanding of yourself and what it takes to perform at your highest level.

How fast does it work?
Some racers will experience immediate differences in their racing attitude and outcomes. But The Racer's Mind is not intended to be a quick fix. Outstanding mental skills are built and fine-tuned over time.

I don't like to read. Do I have to read a lot? Is it difficult to read?
The program is designed to be easy to access. Features include audio exercises on CD, lots of easy to read graphs and charts, and a friendly, accessible, magazine-like format.

I have a racing partner who wants to use the workbook. Can I copy mine?
Each part of the Racer's Mind is protected by copyright laws. No part of the workbook or audio exercises may be copied without permission. If your partner, wife or child wants to use the program, you may qualify for a team discount. Contact us if you have questions about the team discount.

What are Bruce Deveau's qualifications?
I have been involved in drag racing for over 30 years. I have also attained a master's degree in clinical (psychiatric) social work and I am a licensed psychotherapist with over 10 years experience. I also bring experience teaching and extensive study in the field of sport psychology.

Do I work on this program at the track?
You work on the exercises at your convenience. However, most skills begin with work away from the track until perfected. You are then guided in the ways to bring the skills into your racing program.

What equipment do I need?
Very little equipment is needed to be successful. A CD player, a pencil, and a private, quiet space to work are the only requirements. You may prefer headphones for listening to the audio components, but they are not required.

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