"I quit red-lighting, found consistency within myself, and started winning races."
- Josh Hernandez, multiple winner in NHRA and IHRA Pro Modified

"I owe a lot of the success that we've had to your book. We finished #3 in Comp Eliminator and won the Division 7 championship. Thanks for the help, and if you have any customers in question don't hesitate to have them call me for reference."
- Mike DePalma, multiple winner and Top Ten performer in NHRA Comp Eliminator

"This deal works! Two wins in a row!"
- Ralph Porpora, #2 NHRA Division 1 Top Stock.

"Three wins in a row and the ADRL Championship... Thanks, Bruce!"
- John Montecalvo, ADRL Extreme Pro Stock Champion, IHRA Pro Stock Champion

"Your workbook and coaching have really helped!"
- Craig Anderson, multiple winner and Top Ten performer in NHRA Super Gas

"Bruce, it's been awesome. Thanks for helping make my dream a reality."
- Tom Mettler, winner in Comp Eliminator at Summitracing.com Nationals in Las Vegas

"What a great weekend at the Tri-State Divisional! Your tools have been helping out a bunch. One weekend, three finals, two wins... Cool, huh? We had a great time! Thanks for all you've done to help. We're off to Vegas in a couple of weeks." [He won there too]
- Jeff Cheney, #2 NHRA Super Comp

"Without the concentration, focus and confidence skills I learned through your methods, I wouldn't be in the winner's circle. Thank you so much for your help. Great program you put together!"
- Steve Spaulding, Breakthrough winner in Division 1 Super Comp

We could not have done it without your help. Thanks, Bruce!"
- Mike Wiblishouser, Breakthrough winner in Super Gas at NHRA Mile-High Nationals

"The little things in Bruce's program have helped me to more consistently remain focused, no matter how hectic my day is." - Mike Sawyer, NHRA Division 1 Champion, National and Divisional winner in Super Gas and Super Street.

"Bruce is right on... I'm doing the best driving of my life. I wish I'd had this program 20 years ago." - Jim Boudreau, NHRA Top 10 driver in Stock and Super Stock.

"I was coming off one of the most challenging years of my life... A divorce, the death of a friend, and a pit accident that damaged my car and trailer. The Racer's Mind helped me believe in myself again. My concentration and attitude turned around and I won the season-long Oxford/Winterport Maine two-track challenge." - Ben Pinkham, Bracket Racer

"Hey Bruce, IT WORKS! I've been working the program for the past few months... listened to the motivation CD on the way to IHRA points meet @ Quaker City & have gone 12 rounds for 2 wins in 2 consecutive weekends in 2 Sanctioning bodies!!!!" - Marc Caruso, NHRA/IHRA 10.90 winner

"In 2008, I completed my first full season working with Bruce and The Racer's Mind. I attribute much of my success to Bruce's Coaching and The Racer's Mind Workbook." - Brenda Grubbs, 2008 #6 - NHRA National Points, Jeg's Allstar Champion, NHRA Division 2 Stock Eliminator Champion

Thank you Bruce, The Racer's Mind has helped me start the season I dream about. In our class where the majority of the racers have similar equipment the winner is the driver who has the best mental game. Your program has improved my mental game immediately." - TJ Schippling, NHRA/IHRA 8.90 Racer

Here's what some other racers have to say...

"The workbook gave me the tools to make our team championship contenders. It has helped tremendously." - Tony Gillig, IHRA Driver of the year

"2005 was our most successful season yet. We took home the NHRA Div. 5 Super Gas championship and finished 9th in the world. I can say that Bruce's program played a very large part in our success. Bruce's program gave me the tools to channel my energies in a positive and effective manner. The results speak for themselves!" - John Steffen S/G #9

"Bruce, Thanks very much. It was a huge win for us. You can add me to your list of drivers that can attest to your program!" - Tom Carter, IHRA Most Improved Driver

"At the start of the season, I was a mess on the starting line. Immediately after using the program, I went 5 rounds in two big-money races, and won at my home track." - Rick Bell, East-Coast Bracket Racer

"The Racer's Mind at work! I just went to my third final round this year... this time, 7 rounds with lights between .005 and .029 in a footbrake car! Feel free to have people call or speak to me at the track." - Dean Ribeiro, Regional and Divisional winner in Super Stock.

"I've always known I had what it takes to be a great racer, but my results didn't show it. Somehow, the workbook exercises brought out the best in me. I am now consistently beating guys that I had never beaten before, some of the best in the country. In the three months since starting the workbook, I've been in four big money finals. Last weekend, I won $2500 Saturday and got down to four cars Sunday." - G.K.

"I used to throw the race away at the finish line with a lot of bad decisions. Now I am able to be more relaxed and driving the finish line more accurately." - B.J.

"I have noticed a boost in my confidence and concentration. I feel totally zoned in as soon as the helmet goes on. My reaction times have been much more consistent. My last time out, there was only a variance of .005 sec over 5 runs." - B.L.

"I bought the workbook on the advice of a friend. When I first looked at it, I thought it was all a bunch of B.S. and I had wasted my money. But I did the exercises anyway. And I have to admit... I'm driving better and the workbook is the only explanation." - C.R.

"I've been using your program the second half of the season. IT DOES WORK! The first half of the season was just plain bad... two cars and only three round wins in six weeks. After using the workbook and CD I am now leading points at my home track and have a win and runner-up in the last three races. Thank you!" - K.M.

"My son just went win, runner-up in the last two divisional races with our Stocker. I credit your course to this accomplishment. It has also helped me talk to him in a different way to keep his confidence up. Thanks for all your help. You created another winner!" - D.C.

"I now have less variance in average reaction times and I'm more aware of what's happening before and during the race." - H.S.

"I love the confidence... I've gone win, semi-finals, semi-finals in my last three outings." - J.C.

"The book covers an area never covered before. I'm catching my negative thoughts and my energy levels going up." - S.H.

"The program exceeded my expectations. When I use imagery before the run, my whole run is more efficient." - C.S. (age 13)

"I have better confidence, more relaxed and focused. Used Performance Tip #1 last weekend- won race!" - P.M.

"I'm calmer in the car before and during runs. I liked the breathing techniques." - M.P.

"My reactions times are more consistent." - W.M.

"Great results! I won before even completing the exercises." - D.D.

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