Too busy to read? Put yourself in the winning frame of mind with The Racer's Mind Total Motivation Audio CD. It's the perfect 'mental tune-up' for off-time between races, while driving to the track, or in-between rounds.

It's just for drag racers. Total Motivation is targeted just for the concentration needs of drag racers. Learn new skills, gain consistency, and put yourself in control.

It's all about concentration. When you concentrate fully, you execute with precision. That means fewer mistakes, more success. Total Motivation helps you reach your 'zone of peak concentration.' This zone is broken down into easily understandable pieces that you can work on.

It's the perfect addition to the original workbook and CD. You asked, we delivered! Many racers that have found success with the original workbook and CD have asked for additional tools that are easy to use. Here it is. Easy, effective, economical.

The original workbook and CD are not required. Total Motivation is designed to stand alone as an effective tool to help you gain control and consistency.

It's economical. Total Motivation is an inexpensive way to improve your mental game.

It's clear and easy to understand. Total Motivation was professionally written, edited, and recorded with one goal in mind: to help you reach peak concentration and win more races. It was tested with racers, edited, and refined to be sure it exceeds expectations.

Special Thanks - Justin Bisson for background music

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