You get the power to win more races. The original workbook targets the precise concentration needs for drag racers. Concentrate better- gain total control- win more races.

Why a workbook and not a DVD? It would be easy to sit back and watch a DVD... but watching a DVD won't help you. A workbook is proven to be much more effective. Why? Because you will learn more completely when you actively work on skills rather than just watch or listen. The workbook makes your task as easy as possible, with clearly laid out racer-proven exercises and an easy to use audio CD. To see a table of contents, Click Here.

How much time does it take? If you are willing to put in a few hours per week over the course of about a month, you will improve your driving. With hundreds of workbooks in use, we consistently hear that drivers improved their reactions and on-track performance. And we've never received a complaint.

The Workbook is easy to read and use. The Racer's Mind Workbook is easy to read. It has lots of photos, easy to understand graphs and charts, and there are plenty of real-world racing examples.

It's self-guided. You work at your pace, in your own time. Simple and clear instructions are provided.

It's personal, portable, and convenient. There are no weekend workshops, no expensive travel to distant schools, no classes to attend. Use the workbook at home or bring it to the track. You work on the exercises when you want to. No one's looking over your shoulder.

It's private and confidential. We take your privacy seriously. Your purchase of the Racer's Mind is confidential. Our customer's names and mailing list will never be distributed outside of our office. Communications you have with us are held in confidence. That means we don't talk about our customers without permission.

It's authoritative and dependable.The Racer's Mind Workbook and audio CD have helped hundreds of racers take their driving to the next level. To hear what other racers have to say, Click Here. This first-of-it's-kind workbook has been developed and written exclusively for drag racers by Bruce Deveau, MSW. To learn more about Bruce, Click Here.

It's inexpensive. The workbook and CD cost less than a single slick for your car. Many drivers report breakthrough wins and career-high performances from using the workbook. What would those kinds of results be worth to you?

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